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Oct 5

Florida-Auburn Game Thread


I'll have updates, notes and observations here pregame, during the game and postgame.

Shawn Davis walking around in warmup clothes and with helmet but have yet to see him go through any drills.

In what has become a season thing, Freddie Swain, David Reese and Josh Hammond serving as today's captains.

48 yard field goal attempt…GOOD…UF 7 AU 3 Good on Gators defense to hold AU to a field goal after quick change with great field position for Auburn following Gators fumble.

How is that not targeting. That was the very definition of it. Leading with the crown of the helmet

Oct 5Edited: Oct 5

Only 2 first downs for Auburn so far into the 3rd quarter. Great Defense!

We sure do win ugly. If this team gets rid of the turnovers and finds even a little bit of a respectable running game we will be very, very good. The offense moves the ball surprisingly well given the lack of real running game threat and the defense is of course lights out. The defense demonstrated a little too much attention was given to Auburn's D and not ours -- our D is second fiddle to no one. All of Auburn's points were off turnovers (I count that ill-advised fake punt as a turnover).

Post game thoughts:

1. Give Grantham a raise now.

2. That was a loud game. Way it should be for any conference or non conference rivalry game.

3. Trask is tough As nails. This is his team.

4. Felt so good for Perine. May he rip off several more rubs like that.

5. Make the unis permanent. It’s time.

6. Bo Nix is talented, but I’m sick and tired of espn and cbs crowning him. Glad we made him look average.

7. Don’t know what will happen on the bayou, but if the d plays that well we’ve got a hell of a shot.

8. Kyle Pitts will be a rich man in a few years. Big time player.

9. OLine is horrid. Simply horrid.

10. I’ve been shouted down on other sites, but no one will convince me otherwise...the hit in Pierce should have been called targeting.


go Gators!

That hit on Peirce was one time where I have really disagreed with Danielson as a commentator. The defender lowered his head and led with the crown of his helmet. It wasn't a defenseless player but he clearly led with the crown of the head.

Love the Buddy Martin show...but someone needs to tell Buddy to bring a bottled water with him when he goes on the air. The constant chocking and coughing...jeez.

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