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Aug 12

Mullen Monday 8-12-19


Dan Mullen is here and meeting with the media to recap the scrimmage, the weekend news and preview the next week of practice.

Mullen says Sunday's scrimmage was better top to bottom than last week's; much cleaner all around as well.

Mullen says whether or not Noah Banks remains involved in the program, a la Randy Russell, is up to Noah. Some guys have a tough time remaining around the game after having to give up playing so they'll see how he feels.

Mullen on outside criticism of him this week—"I'm comfortable with me and I'm comfortable with how we run our program. People on the outside are going to have their opinion of me. I don't pay much attention to it."

Mullen says decision to release Huggins over the weekend was due to "not living up to what we expected of the Gator standard of him." Says it was an evolving process of something they'd been looking at a while.

Mullen says they'll apply for a waiver for Cox from Georgia. They're not going to play it out publicly to sway opinion...

More Mullen on Sunday's Scrimmage and what impressed him:

“That it was cleaner and it was played cleaner because you can really coach off of that situation ad when there are a lot of MAs, broken plays it’s hard to coach. You get our of weird situations and weird things happen. We had a lot of missed tackles which is good because you have to be careful with how much you tackle just with player safety. So you’re kind go managing how you’re doing that and how you’re teaching it and how you’re practicing it. We had a lot less missed tackles. But I thought overall the breakdowns weren’t massive breakdowns. Breakdowns were one or two, mistake here or there that you can really coach and see what goes on. And our coaching staff we create adverse situations. Hey, we want to see this series, we are going only see these type of defenses, in this series we are only going to see these formations so that we can get the calls we need and we can coach them in game situations offensively and defensively.”

Keep up the great work Kassidy! Reports and information are top notch! Gator Bait Media has a great one here folks!

Thank you Kassidy, your reports and insight are spot on! Thanks for your great work and reports to Gator Bait Media!!

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