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Aug 28

Mullen Monday-Teleconference & Presser


Edited: Aug 28

Mullen says they'll give the players more time off this weekend, different than a normal bye week, since their summer got cut short. They'll get a four day weekend (Thur-sat)

Mullen says he doesn't think they tackled well during the game. Thinks some of it came from the way they just thudded in practice so intensity will kick up.

Mullen credits Manny Diaz for great defensive play call on Feleipe's 2nd INT. Says it's a bit of knowing personality, as in he knew Mullen would want to throw there. Says if the play had worked, conversation around FF would probably be completely different after the game.

Mullen says with the quick score by Toney then the back to back fumbles it was hard to ever get in an offensive flow.

Mullen says what gets missed is Franks threw an INT that could've been the game ender (Swain tipped INT) & then came back next drive & accounted for every yard on a TD drive.


"I don't know if Feleipe Franks could've done that last year."

Mullen agrees with Hevesy that there weren't a ton of offensive missed assignments. The ones that were missed were big (turnovers) but overall there weren't a lot of missteps.

Mullen says some the missed tackles on Saturday relate to thudding in practice not teaching tackling. But the thudding comes because of a bit of fear with coaches. Says in scrimmage he's always scared to death of injuries occurring.

Mullen says a preseason jamboree would be interesting, allowing the teams a chance to get live action. He could make pro's and con's for both. Reporter throws out UCF as a possible jamboree opponent. Mullen says he'd be ok with that or any team but it gets interesting because people want to look at it as a real game and he'd be looking at it purely as a developmental opportunity.

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