Remember when FLORIDA-FSU was the marquee game? The HBC does. P.S. read up on it, Coach Mullen.


GatorBait Editor

My how the mighty have fallen.

We are almost looking through a glass darkly at a once-dadgum great college football rivalry between Bobby’s Free Shoes U. teams and the HBC’s Fighting Danny Wuerffels.

Whatever happened to the greatness of Florida vs. Florida State?

Ah, those were the days my friend when the Gators and ‘Noles reeked with swagger, streaking around ball yards with jet-like speed and lighting up scoreboards as if they were Christmas trees. That is, whenever they weren’t overshadowed by name-calling, finger-pointing, leg-twisting, late-hitting quarterback smackdowns at the echo of the whistle.

SPURRIER and BOWDEN went at it hard, but the HBC said “I respect BOBBY BOWDEN … I just didn’t like the way they played defense.”

At times, got downright nasty. The kind of WWE cage match stuff that people pay a premium price to view these days. And we loved it!

First of all, who the hell ever heard a whistle echo?