Thoughts of the Day: May 13, 2021

A few thoughts to jump start your Thursday morning:


“In all my career of covering sports, I have never, ever seen anything like the Tim Tebow Effect. He is simply the most polarizing player we’ve ever seen in any sport.” – Skip Bayless

Typically, I’m about 50-50 with Skip Bayless, as in 50 percent of the time I think he’s onto something and 50 percent of the time I couldn’t disagree with him more, but when it comes to Tim Tebow and how the media, professional athletes and the entertainment industry react, I am with him 100 percent. Tim Tebow is indeed polarizing. He’s either loved or despised and it seems there is no middle ground.

Bayless happens to be a big Tebow supporter. Always has been and I presume always will be. Bayless was quick to use his “Undisputed” Fox Sports radio show that he does with Shannon Sharpe to praise Urban Meyer for giving Tebow a shot to make the team as a tight end. As if there weren’t enough critics taking their shots at Meyer and Tebow, someone named Liam McKeone chimed in, trashing both Tebow and Bayless for supporting him.

If you’ve never heard of McKeone, don’t feel like you’re the only one. He writes for something called “The Big Lead,” which is a sports blog for which McKeone is an editor and columnist and not to be confused with truly great sports writers of the past such as Dan Jenkins or Furman Bisher or present day great ones like Wright Thompson or Pat Forde.

Here are some of McKeone’s comments about Tebow and Bayless:

“There really aren’t many athletes like Tim Tebow who can rile up every sector of the sports crowd through his sheer presence. However, to act like we don’t know why is ridiculous. Tebow makes everyone’s blood boil because he stinks at football. And kept getting jobs based on name recognition and name recognition only!

“People do not hate Tim Tebow because of who he is. I don’t even think many people hate Tim Tebow at all. What people hate is the media circus that comes attached to his name and the fact that apparently every football coach in the country is enamored with him for reasons nobody can understand.

“They also hate analysts like Bayless going to bat for him. Yes, Tebow won a lot in college. That was over a decade ago! If all he did was win, he wouldn’t have washed out in the NFL in less than four years. To hear Bayless tell it, the Broncos should have won the Super Bowl in 2011 with Tebow’s all-time i