Transcript: Brian Johnson On the Florida Gators Offensive Firepower, Kyle to Kyle and Will Muschamp

Gators OC Brian Johnson. Photo Credit: Alex Shepherd

Florida Gators Offensive Coordinator Brian Johnson met with local media on Monday to recap the Gators offensive firepower over Ole Miss, preview Will Muschamp's South Carolina defense and reflect on the Kyle to Kyle connection.

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Pretty impressive debut you had there as OC

“Thank you”

How comfortable was Trask to you and how did you feel he executed?

“Yeah he played really well overall. You know, got us into some good plays, and was accurate with the ball, was really decisive, knew where he wanted to go. Still some stuff we’ve got to continue to clean up as an entire offense, but definitely a good start to the season, for sure.” 

Specifics you can share where you think Trask can improve?

“Yeah I mean, you know, really the biggest thing is, just making sure to just continue to take care of the football. We had two potential opportunities for the ball to be on the ground One, we threw an interception, and then we got a strip-sack in the pocket and lost the ball but we ended up recovering it, so, you know, just things of that nature. Making sure we’re really aware in the pocket of where bodies are, and making sure we’re sliding with great ball security. And then finishing drives, you know we had a couple opportunities down in the red zone, particularly some red zone third downs where we weren’t able to convert and had to settle for field goals. Luckily we have Evan McPherson, who’s the best kicker in America, who can make us right, but you know it’d be nice to finish those drives off.”

Pitts dominated, but how deep do you feel his play-making ability is of this team, lot of options?

“Yeah we have some really good skill players, you know, and the quarterback does a great job of distributing the ball and understanding that coverage dictates who gets it, so, in our offense it’s, you know, got a lot of guys that can hurt you everytime that they touch the ball, so you know it was good to see us spread the ball around like that, and then, obviously guys like Kyle Pitts kind of takes it over, and even when they put two on him sometimes he’s still really hard to cover, so it’s a great job of just understanding your match-ups, knowing your personnel and just getting it to our playmakers and letting them do the rest.”

Importance and putting Emory back post-pick?

“It was really important. We wanted to make sure that we got him in and let him play. Obviously, the first play design didn’t go as we’d planned. But he did a nice job, it didn’t faze him, he didn’t freak out at all. He just came out and continued to play - and he made some plays when he was out there. I was really proud of him for continuing to play one play at a time and not getting too high and not getting too low and just going out there and executing and making some plays.”

See young receivers going forward?

“Yeah, for sure, especially in 2020 there’s just so much uncertainty with COVID-19 and what’s going on. You got to have guys ready to go, so our substitution pattern in terms of how we want to get guys ready and make sure the first time they get in the game isn’t the most important play of the game, or the first time that they’ve ever played. So, we like to get those guys in there so they can get their feet wet and build some confidence.”

When know Kyle Pitts had this kind of potential?

“I mean, it was in training camp his freshman year. It was just a matter of him kind of growing into the position. He played more, he was actually Van’s backup our first year in ‘18. We played him a little bit more outside just because he had so much talent - a huge catch radius, he’s fast, he can get in and out of breaks. And then he kind of grew into what we saw in terms of him being an elite tight end. It was fairly early on. He was a guy that as young player, as a freshman, he played behind Van and really had a chance to learn from him. We put him in the game, he made some plays. He continued to develop and grow, and now he’s in a position where he’s one of the best players in America.”

Growing into position, nuances at TE?

“Absolutely. I think just in our offense, we ask our tight end to do so much in terms of them having to understand the run, understand the pass game, understand protections. It’s a lot on their plate in terms of what they have to learn in order to go and operate at a really high level. He’s done that. He was a guy with just so much talent we had to get him on the field. He did no good sitting next to us on the sideline. We found a way to get him in there and help kind of accelerate his development.”

When is the decision made on when Emory Jones will play?