Bradshaw’s message about Texas QB Ehlinger ticked off people at his alma later

Four-time Super Bowl champion and HOF quarterback Terry Bradshaw told us on The Buddy Martin Show he got a phone call the other day from a famous coach who was none too happy with his comments about Texas

Quarterback Sam Ehlinger.

And I’m not talking about Tom Herman here.

Bradshaw has made some unflattering comments about Ehlinger which he now admits might not have been warranted,

The Coach was Lou Holtz, whose son Skip coaches at Louisiana Tech, where Terry played. “He said, ‘Thanks for throwing my son under the bus.’ And I still didn’t get it. I didn’t realize Texas was playing Tech.“

Although Bradshaw can take no blame or credit for Texas’s convincing 45-14 win or the big game Sam Ehlinger had, “I was so embarrassed that I didn’t realize they were playing Louisiana Tech!”

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