Buddy Martin's Blog: The moment Kyle Trask has been waiting for. Can the ‘Next Man Up’ do it?

When he has to, Trask can tuck it and run. (Florida Gators photo)

There is a reason Kyle Trask is still standing. And prevailing. And maybe about to move up in the quarterback neighborhood to elite status. He is a poster boy for patience, grit and determination.

Trask got passed over more times than an airport control tower. Until last season. Lesser men would have folded and been long gone through the transfer portal. Your butt can just take so many splinters, but the emerging Gator star would not go away when had every reason to do so last season. Why?

“Maybe he just loves being a Florida Gator,” theorized former All-SEC wide receiver, NFL player and UF coach Lee McGriff, now a Gator Radio Network analyst who admits to coveting the tasty room service tosses Trask delivers to his receiving corps.

Turns out that later Trask did say exactly that: He loved being a Gator. He was content waiting his turn. And it came on the unlikeliest circumstance one night in Lexington, Ky. when his friend Feleipe Franks lay writhing on the turf with a serious leg injury and had to be hauled off in a cart to an ambulance.

In any scenario it’s tough to come in cold from the bullpen, but when you’re mummified with cobwebs from inactivity, and just saw your cohort hauled off in great pain, maybe your coach really shouldn’t expect your best efforts. But Trask delivered like Amazon Prime.