Examining the Florida Gators Practice Film From Week 1

Dan Mullen watches fall camp 2019. Photo Credit: Alex Shepherd

The Florida Gators football team returned to the practice field this week, their first organized team practice since concluding the 2019 season. Due to the global pandemic COVID-19, media was not allowed to be in the facility for practice in person.

So we called an audible and set down to examine the Florida Gators practice film with you. There is only so much that schools include in this film, but we wanted to share it with you the fans so you can see everything as well.

GatorBait TV's Kassidy Hill goes through both Monday and Wednesday's film, watching it for the first time with you. She offers insight, commentary and notes from Head Coach Dan Mullen's two press conferences this week.

Additionally, here are some Mullen quotes of note about different players and units:

On the progress of the O-Line:

"I think they're coming along pretty nicely, obviously one of the hard things you go against each other, you don't know. You know, I mean some of us were talking about that today, 'oh this, you know, this looks really good. Is it because we're good at one spot or not good at another spot?' You know, and you don't always figure that out to the season starts. But I do think—I will say this on the offensive line, obviously you know they were a really young group last year experience wise. There's a lot more veterans and a lot more experience in that group. And I think that you see that in the confidence in what they do on a daily basis, their communication how they work together, that experience. I see a lot more confidence now. What that what that leads to and we got to play against other people we're going to see but I think they're doing pretty good job right now.”

On where defensive back Trey Dean is playing most:

"We're doing the same deal with the secondary. He's playing all over the place a little bit for us back there. The great thing, he's had experience at multiple positions, so when you have that it creates the opportunity to always keep certain guys on the field and create positive matchups."

On tight end Kyle Pitts:

"We run a pro offense, right? Now you’re seeing all these guys in the NFL that are getting huge deals at the tight end position.They run the same offense we kind of do of utilizing a guy like Kyle Pitts. I think he is a tight end and one of the things that makes him such a great weapon, when you’re trying to create mismatches on the field. You’ve a guy that is sitting there. A lot of old, old school people may be looking at tight end. Is this guy just going to be an extra offensive lineman in the game? He can come in and block up front and you can create. … knock people back at the point of attack blocking. Then they say, ‘ Let’s get some bigger guys in there to stop him.’ He’s such a great athlete he can take advantage of that in the pass game. He’s a mismatch. That’s what I’ve always seen the tight end position to be. Is somebody you can get in there to create mismatches on the field.”

On quarterback Kyle Trask:

“Well, I mean, obviously, decision making is going to be a huge one of how fast you process things. We’ll end up putting a lot more on him this year: checking within the game plan of him getting us into specific plays. But I think your comfort within the offense allows you … we give you a lot more freedom at that point because he’s put in the time and he has experience. You have a lot more freedom to do different things.”

On QB Emory Jones:

“Emory’s done a great job in preparing in this season. I think his comfort and his knowledge of the offense, obviously, coming into his sophomore year on the field. I think he’s much more comfortable with everything going on that’s out there. I think we have a lot of confidence in him. Playmaker. Certainly what’s kind of fun is you see Kyle in there, and he’ll run a play a certain way. And Emory, it ends up being a little different play with Emory in there. They have different skillsets and bring a little something different to the table with certain plays and certain packages. It makes it a pretty good 1-2 combination for us.”

On linebacker Brenton Cox and the significant of him wearing No. 1:

"Well I would think the player makes the jersey, not vice versa, so I think, um, but I have high expectations for him no matter what jersey number he's going to be in this year. We'll see. We'll see if he stays the No. 1. I haven't done a roster yet, so we'll figure it all out as we move forward. But I do have really high expectations for him. I think he's worked hard. He's done a great job for us. He's done a great job in the classroom since he's been here, had over a 3.0 GPA every semester that he's been here. Really worked hard in the offseason program and I've seen him, I mean, gives last year was unfortunately didn't get his eligibility, the waiver from the NCAA, which, you know, I mean that's a question. I mean, love to see some transparency on how all those things go through, the why and what causes it. But he did nothing but work, worked hard on scout team. Missed a spring ball but has worked hard all during going through our walk-throughs, learning the defense in the practices every day, works hard.

"He could go everywhere. Yeah. He's a good player. We play guys at a lot of different positions. You've got to cross-train a lot of different guys. Especially a season like this you don't know how things are going to shape up, so you better have the depth and versatility. But I think he's a guy that wants to play after college as well, and have the opportunity to play in the NFL. And so in the NFL you want guys; the more versatility you have the better, so he's a pretty versatile guy."

On linebacker Mohamoud Diabate:

"Well I mean you know I mean he's, he's a really athletic guy, you know, and he's great pass rusher. And so—but again—like you said, I mean it's flexibility. We want guys who can play multiple positions. So he's the guy that we're moving around to different spots on the field to try to create mismatches against the, the offense, and you know when guys have that position flexibility and the ability to do multiple things. The key is making sure they do those things very, very well. Find out what they do well and keep putting him in that position to do well and he's done a great job of that.”

Examining Monday's Film

Examining Wednesday's Film

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