Handling adversity

Here we are just 45 seconds into the fourth quarter and the Gators are trailing Miami, 20-17. If there is one thing we've seen tonight it is the Gators are having all sorts of difficulty handling adversity. Florida was well on its way to a 14-3 lead when Feleipe Franks fumbled and had a chance to move the ball again for a TD when Franks pitched high to Malik Davis and the result was yet another fumble. Instead of 21-3, which it should have been, the Gators went into a second quarter funk and trailed at the half, 13-7.

After taking a 17-13 lead in the third quarter, the Gators got hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, On the next play, D.J. Dallas sprints for 50 yards and the Gators miss a bunch of tackles.

If the Gators are going to have a good season, they've got to show they can handle adversity.

And just like that ... more adversity. Franks throw is tipped by Freddie Swain and it's intercepted. The ball was going to Tyrie Cleveland who would have scored if the ball had ever gotten to him, but Swain was in the same area (shouldn't have been) and tipped it for a Miami interception.

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