Happy 40th Birthday to GatorBait! Keep the party going at Johnny’s


GatorBait Executive Director of Operations

As I sat outside on evening watch recently at my home in

Crystal River, the beautiful pink sky going down on the

horizon, I caught a scent of football in the air. It may have

been a puff of wind, but I recognized that distinct fall smell

of anticipation in that breeze.

You fans can identify with the excitement that came over

me as I felt it pass through my veins like an ice cold glass

of Southern Sweet Tea. As I began to contemplate the

upcoming season and all the expectations for Florida

football this year, I remembered the Gators closing out the

last season with their fourth straight victory: An impressive

41-15 Peach Bowl win over the Michigan Wolverines.

I thought to myself, “We need to keep this party going!” So

that’s what we’re doing with the GatorBait Tailgate on

Florida-Miami Aug. 24 on game day in Orlando at this

terrific venue: Johnny’s Other Side.

I am going into my 30th year as a season ticket holder and

45th season attending games, but this year will be a little

more special. I have joined Buddy Martin and the

GatorBait magazine team as Executive Director of


While we’re celebrating GatorBait’s 40th birthday, we are

also rolling out new products and services — plus

introducing you to our new team. You’ll notice since Buddy

and his son Brenden recently took over ownership of

GatorBait, the quality and value of content has

substantially increased. This team is taking it to a whole

new level by adding the GatorBaitMedia.com website, with

many more features to come.

So that’s why you’re invited to GatorBait Tailgate party at

Johnny’s Other Side restaurant on gameday in Orlando

prior to the Florida vs Miami game.

My wife Peggy and I visited Johnny’s a few weeks ago

and spent time with VP of Operations, Andy Baker. Not

only were we impressed with the location, quality of food

and hospitality we were shown, but the good news is that

Johnny’s is located just minutes from Camping World

Stadium and features covered outdoor seating, many big

screen TVs, an outdoor bar and free parking next to the

establishment for as long as its lasts.

Andy is a huge Gator fan and is so excited to be hosting

our first GatorBait Media Tailgate that he is offering a 15

percent discount on your total bill including food and drinks

for all existing GatorBait subscribers. If you aren’t a

subscriber, you can sign up at the tailgate and receive

these discounts as well.

In addition to the atmosphere, food and drinks, you’ll have

the opportunity to meet Buddy Martin and the GatorBait

team and purchase the GatorBait 40th Birthday tee shirts

at a reduced price of $20 for preorders and onsite


The tailgate starts at 11am and ends at 2pm on gameday,

allowing plenty of time to drive to the stadium.

Parking maybe limited so get there early but there is

overflow parking at a church a few blocks away.

So join in the pep rally to get Johnny’s rocking! We look

forward to seeing you at the 2019 GatorBait Tailgate

Kickoff to help us celebrate new ownership of this iconic

magazine, tell you about our exciting plans and kick off yet

another year of Gator Football.

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