It took only a half to see that Kyle Trask will make the transition

Things began well for Kyle Trask in it first start ever. In just over two minutes he posted his first touchdown with a 19-yard touchdown pass to Kyle Pitts in what maybe be henceforth known as the Kyle-to-Kyle connection. And that made 26 points in in just over 16 minutes of play counting his 19-point production in the final quarter vs. Kentucky. From there it got a little sketchy as the sloppy play by both teams slowed the game down, marred by turnovers, penalties, longnnnngg replays and a generaly lethargic job of officiating by the crew of Referee David Smith, Line Judge Michael Turnover, Back Judge Paul Schardein, Head Linesman Tim Sistrunk and Side Judge Alex Moore. The emergence of Jacob Copeland was a pleasant surprise , including a 15-yard catch for a first down and an eight-yard run on a reverse. In general -- at least in the first several drives -- the offense seemed smoother and the timely passes of Trask seemed to capture big chunks of yards. "I don't know how to say this," admitted Mick Hubert, "but why doesn't it seem so much easier?"

Yes, Florida was ahead 17-0 at halftime, but it took over 90 minutes to play the first two quarters. When Lamical Perine finally punched the ball over the goal line on the final play of the first play we had watched 90-minutes of football with the Gators on top 17-0, it did look like it had been a more fluid Gator offense. And with more 250 yards of offense, 12x14 for 204 yards and one touchdown by Trask, we had seen enough rest assure the quarterback was going to be just fine.

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