OK, well done Kyle Trask. You get a week off, but the 'Dawgs are very much on our mind.

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

It was not a good beginning of a noon start in Columbia, where it was expected Will Muschamp's chicken's were going to be scratching and pecking and annoying Florida.

It's never good when your defensive lineman lines up offsides twice in a row, giving the home team precious red zone yardage that provides the difference.

Or, as one of my friends texted: Ancrum 7, Gators 3.

The Gators somehow had gotten unofficially anointed as SEC East Darlings after an impressive night in a losing effort vs. LSU, but right now they were in a struggle. Never mind about Atlanta -- for three quarters it was very much question whether the Florida Gators would make it out of Columbia alive.

And when they fell behind in the third quarter, 20-17, they were looking through a glass darkly.

Maybe we should all learn from one of those stadium bumper-sticker signs we saw the other day: "In Trask We Trust."

Four weeks ago they were prenders. Suddenly the national commentators have them penciled in for Atlanta.

There was some speculation that the rain and wet ball had hampered Trask's ability to grip the ball and had therefore caused some of his inccurated throws, but he said later that wasn't a big factor and "we practice with wet ball."

Once again, the Kyle Trask Train has pulled away from the station, leaving behind the carnage -- four touchdown passes, three of them in the fourth quarter. However, it took patience in trying to grip a wet ball, mis-throws, bad route running and the absence of the smoothly coordinated passing game. Those things Gator fans have been accustomed to seeing out of their junior red-shirt quarterback.

The body of work by Trask has been the difference in this stretch run, which finds Florida on the final leg of Murderer's Row. He uncanny ability to stay calm under pressurer and connrect with receivers in key situations has helped put the Gators in a division-contending position.

Lne of six explosive plays of 15 or more yards by Florida came on the big 75-yard scoring run by Dameon Pierce which tied the game at 17 and began turning the day around for Dan Mullen's team.

This was a critical win for Florida in order to keep in the hunt for an SEC East title. And it was yet another comeback win for Trask on the road in and SEC venue, who has come out of mothballs and into the spotlight impressively. He even showed a little panache.

Has the low-key, understated Kyle Trask flipped a switch? Our photographer Blake Childress caught Trask with his finger to his lips, with a "Shsh" for Gamecock fans. Perhaps in honor of his quarterback-room pal, the injured Feleiple Franks, who did the same thing to his own fans in The Swamp last year, then led the Gators to a 21-point comeback win. It must be contagious.

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