On The Brink of Losing Composure, They Fought Back

At least they didn't fold.

Behind 16-3, Kyle Trask took a costly -19 sack late in the third and got badly behind in the chains. A penalty put it at third and 34. THIRD AND THIRTY-FOUR!

It was at that point, around halfway through the third, that I wrote in my notes, “can they make a game of it?”

Momentarily they did.

“And then we found our identity,” said Trask.

A long drive and 23-yard touchdown pass to Van Jefferson brought some life.

“NOW!” exclaimed Gator Radio Network analyst Lee McGriff as the score changed to 16-10. “We have us a Florida-Georgia game.”

One last flicker of hope. Plenty of time. But Todd Grantham’s D had no magic today and could not stop Jake Fromm, who crushed it on third down with 12x18.

One of the most critical conversions was Fromm’s 52-yard completion to – who else – Lawrence Cager again on a 52-yarder. That kept the ball away from Trask, identify or no identity. And polished off Florida in the final seconds, 24-17

So it’s back  to the drawing board for Mullen, with Vandy, Missouri and FSU left and a bowl game. “Plenty of football left,” Mullen rationalized. However, a big chunk of it drifted away down the St. Johns River Saturday.

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