Six Reasons Why Florida Gators’ Todd Grantham Should Probably Be Fired—But Don't Do It Yet.

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Should Todd Grantham be fired? Not yet. Photo Credit: Alex Shepherd

Tweet #1: “FIRE GRANTHAM!”

Tweet #2: “Dude... one mistake versus 5000 not apples to apples you old worthless radio host.”

Tweet #3: “Buddy, hang it up. The game has passed you by.”

(Now I remember why I don’t often hang out on the Mean Streets of Twitter for post-game comments.)

I’m not going to apologize today, but I will offer this mea culpa about my tweet Saturday night regarding the outcome of Florida’s 41-38 loss to Texas A&M.

My Saturday Night Tweet:

First, I agree that Florida’s defense is broken and needs fixing immediately, but I am not a fan of vigilante firings of coaches during the season unless there is ethical or moral reason. Many of you wanted to haul Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham to the gallows. You are angry and disgusted with the performance of his unit. Let’s pump the brakes on that for the moment.