Urban Meyer Interview addresses his departure from Florida job

Urban Meyer reminded me of this in our recent interview. Gator fans need appreciate his achievements more.

It always befuddles me that the media’s relationship with Urban has been so poor at times — that some Gator fans carry a grudge for what they perceive as his conspiracy for ditching the Florida job. Let’s not adjudicate that issue today. (But it’s a bald face lie).

I was reminded this week why I’ve always considered Urban a friend and hold him in such high esteem when we did a 16-minute interview on The Buddy Martin Show (see link below). To me he has always been forthright in his answers, engaging, reflective and conscious of trying to deliver good content. Which he did Wednesday night when we did this interview.

Admittedly I have had a privileged position as the writer of his biography, Urban’s Way, which led to our friendship. And admittedly it can be frustrating for media when they’re digging for information and he shuts them down. So I get it.

As for me, I hope no matter what the future holds that there can be a peace offering of some kind between Urban and those hostile Gator fans who stand in the way trying to block Meyer’s return to The Gator Nation where he should be celebrated as a member of The Ring of Honor alongside his good friend Steve Spurrier.

It’s time for Gator fans to bury the hatchet and welcome home one of their own. After all, as it was once said of Spurrier, Urban’s resume is in the trophy case.

Enjoy my interview with Coach Meyer and share it with Friends of the Orange & Blue.

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