Buddy Martin Blog: It Felt Really Good for Billy Napier, Getting Off The Plane As A Champion

Updated: Dec 7, 2021


Napier is here to put Humpty Dumpty back together again after The Great Fall. (UAA photo)

This just in: I think Billy Napier won the press conference. That being said, so did his predecessor. This one feels a little different, though. I didn’t get this sense of optimism for the M&M&M boys -- Will Muschamp or Jim McElwain, or Dan Mullen. . .

Departing third from the plane, peeking around the corner without mugging for cameras, then peering down to inspect the 4 1/2 steps that stood between him and being the Boots-On-The Ground Gator coach. He arrived in Gainesville as the 28th UF coach, fresh off the victory trail, with a scent of that victory still wafting behind him, less than 24 hours removed from his home turf in Lafayette where his Ragjn’ Cajuns stamped their names for a second time on the Sun Belt Championship trophy by beating Appalachian State, 24-16. After a congratulatory handshake and two pats on the back with new boss Scott Stricklin, he moved deliberately through the short greeting-party line.

Billy Napier is here to put Humpty Dumpty back together again after The Great Fall. Dressed tastefully in an almost electric-Royal blue suit with tan shoes and a light orangish tie, he has the kind face of a new neighbor who’d willingly loan you his lawn mower, or help with some heavy lifting, or drive you to the repair shop if your car was on the fritz. And if he has a big ego, he must have checked it before arriving. He also looks like he has the broad shoulders and patience for the task at hand.